The Apt Program for competitive athletes

The career of an action sport athlete is short. We’re here to change that. Our program helps prepare your body for the demands of your sport. At APT, your goals are our goals. Not only will the APT program help you prevent injury, but it will help improve your performance. You know those snowboarders whose legs can’t handle deep landings at the end of a long day/run? Ya, those aren’t APT athletes.

“Strength builds confidence, and a confident athlete is dangerous.”

Competitor Program

The competitor program is a 5 day/week program. Everything you see on the program is prescribed for competitors, however you can make modifications as needed based on how you’re feeling or what your schedule allows. At a minimum, competitors should do the main workouts which are written on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays.

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Delivered through trainheroic

TrainHeroic is the strength & conditioning software we use to build and deliver our program. They allow you to log your workouts in less than 10 seconds a day with real-time analytics and results tracking. You also will be able to access a leaderboard to compare your results with others. Through TrainHeroic, you will have an incredibly powerful fitness tool at your fingertips.