Programs that help you spend more time doing what you love.


General physical preparedness (GPP)

General training that improves your specific training by limiting your weaknesses, improving movement quality, and enhancing your capacity (ability to handle work).

How does this help?

GPP training makes you stronger, gets your fitter, and focuses on functional movement. Whether you’re on your way to X-Games or simply enjoy sending it on the weekends, GPP training will help you in all avenues of sport and life.

How we program

workout goals


  • Our programs are for everyone. From Olympic champions to individuals who have never trained before. Our programs have scaling options, and outline which level or scale you should take based on your experience and goals. It is also very adaptable to those with changing schedules.


  • Concurrent training is the combination of resistance training and conditioning workouts in a strategically planned program to maximize all aspects of physical performance. You’ll be ready for anything, at anytime.


  • Everything has a purpose. Our goal is to give you the minimal effective dose you need, so you can spend more time sending it and less time in the gym.

Workout layout

Comprehensive Warm-Up

  • Workout prep work

Strength Work

  • Functional movements used to develop strength, power, and speed (depending on day/focus)


  • Accessory work to build specific strength/muscle to become more bulletproof


  • Metabolic conditioning

    • Maximal fitness, minimal time requirement.

Cool Down

  • Recovery work so you leave the gym feeling good and ready for whatever the day/week has in store

Mobility Work

  • Yoga, stretch, & soft tissue care