The APT Program for weekend warriors

No one likes to take time off. We all know that action & outdoor sports can come with their share of risk. By getting you stronger, more conditioned, and training smarter you’ll spend less time injured and more time sending.

Weekend WarrioR Program

The Weekend Warriors program follows a 3 day/week training schedule. The main workouts for the ‘Weekend Warrior’ program are on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays. However, since you can view the weeks workouts ahead of time, you can choose when you want to train based on your schedule. You can switch to the foundations or move up to the competitors program at any time.

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Delivered through trainheroic

TrainHeroic is the strength & conditioning software we use to build and deliver our program. They allow you to log your workouts in less than 10 seconds a day with real-time analytics and results tracking. You also will be able to access a leaderboard to compare your results with others. Through TrainHeroic, you will have an incredibly powerful fitness tool at your fingertips.