the apt Foundations Program

Being a process oriented & growth minded individual is so important in the long-term success of an individual and/or athlete. Through the APT program, you and/or your child will build the foundations for success in whatever they choose to pursue. Our goal is to help action sport athletes to have long careers in sport, through helping minimize the risk of injury, and build the foundations of sport performance success.

Foundations Program

The foundations program is our weekend warrior program, simplified. All movements have video demos and descriptions to help you navigate the program. Also, there will be notes that are specific to youth athletes (foundations). This program also can be used for beginners or those who do not have gym access as all movements can be done with body weight or with home gym equipment (dumbbells etc.).

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TrainHeroic is the strength & conditioning software we use to build and deliver our program. They allow you to log your workouts in less than 10 seconds a day with real-time analytics and results tracking. You also will be able to access a leaderboard to compare your results with others. Through TrainHeroic, you will have an incredibly powerful fitness tool at your fingertips.